Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The end of the season

I'll get back to baseball cards with the next post, but this one will be about the end of the baseball season. 

This is the second time I've seen the final game of the baseball season. The first was a few years ago when Pittsburgh was relevant.  That was exciting because that weekend series meant something.

This game didn't really mean all that much and the attendance was abysmal. I sat in a different section (421) than was my normal seat as we were there with a group of people. The view was amazing as we could see not only 98.5% of the field (just a bit of the right field corner we couldn't see) but also the beautiful view of the city in the distance.

The crowd was not into the game and the Phillies didn't do much (how could they with what they have) and ended up losing the game. 

What a view! What a sky!


Bryce Harper on the follow-through after a single up the middle.

I went to 11 games this year. 10 at Citizens Bank Park and 1 at Nationals Park. The Nationals won the one game I saw at their home park against the Marlins. And the Phillies went 5-5 in the 10 games. So an exact replica of their 81-81 season.

I loved all the time at the games in the sun and breezes with the food and drinks and the time away from the house and life. Can't think of a better way I'd've spent all those Sundays than at the ballpark.

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  1. 11 games is solid. I went to two A's games (can't remember who won or lost) and one Dodgers game (I think the Diamondbacks won).