Tuesday, November 26, 2019

1992 Sports Card Price Guide

Another Darryl Strawberry card in a bizarre uniform (why do I bother collecting these?). This is from the 1992 Sports Card Price Guide. 

This set features 80 cards across baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. The checklist seems to be predominantly baseball, which is right because it's the best sport. Will Clark is card Number 1.

The card featured in the bottom right of the back is Darryl's 1990 Score card (#200).

I wonder if his card still accounts for 80% of the value of the 1983 Topps Traded set? On Trading Card DB, he is priced at $25.00. Tom Seaver's the next highest price at $1.70. Even Billy Martin's manager card is $1.35!

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  1. Although the 83TT set has rookie cards of guys like Julio Franco and Tony Phillips... and stars like Seaver and Cey... I'd have to say that the Strawberry still commands 80% of the value in the set. Just my 2¢.

    As for this particular Strawberry... I love it. I collect back issues of Sports Card Price Guide for the uncut sheet of cards they included in their issues.