Friday, November 8, 2019

Two 1989 Baseball's Best Two

I got these two Broder-like cards a while ago but never pimped them on the blog. They are from 1989. They are unlicensed. There seems to have been a lot of unlicensed cards in this era. They look and feel rather cheap; and the information on the cards is minimalist. There is very little effort put into it, but perhaps I'm just spoiled by the hand-drawn and thoughtfully creative customs I've received of late?

Sometimes I really see Curtis Granderson in Strawberry and this card of him in the batting cage really kind of reminds me of the Grandyman.

Do you collect unlicensed cards? I go back and forth between coveting them and being angry at going after them (mostly because it seems I cannot get a handle on which ones I have, how many there are. They all look the freakin' same).

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  1. I'll buy 'em if I see them in dime boxes, but I wouldn't pay more than that for one.

  2. Good observation with the resemblance to Granderson in that batting cage image! As for unlicensed cards, I might have a couple in my collection, but I don't really seek them out -- especially if the design effort is so low, as you mentioned.

  3. I won't actively go out there and track them down, but I have a special spot in my collection for Broders. I probably have 30 to50 different ones. Most of them are baseball, but I have a handful of basketball, football, and hockey ones as well.