Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019 Topps 1984 Topps All-Stars

This is another one of my 2019 Darryl Strawberry card acquisitions. It's the 2019 Topps 1984 Topps All-Stars.  I've said many times before that I don't always like seeing modern players on old card designs, but contradictory (kind of) I don't mind seeing different images of player that did have historical cards. 

The thing I like about this card is almost everything. I don't know if this picture was from 1984, doesn't look like it. But it would have been really neat if it was. The 1984 set of course featured 1983 All-Stars so even though DS made the team that summer, he didn't have a card for his efforts.

But Topps over did it. As usual. I thought that they were issuing sleek looking new cards of all the players that played in the 1984 summer classic, but, silly me... One look at the checklist will show you that there are fewer actual 1984 All-Stars (starters, pitchers, reserves) than other players.

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  1. That's pretty cool that Strawberry is interested in autism awareness.

  2. That's a fellow who's turned his life around!