Tuesday, January 14, 2020

1986 Big Apple Mets/Yankees

For Christmas my brother gave me this 1986 Big Apple Mets/Yankees set. He has no idea how or when he got it, and neither do I. Oh, wait. Actually, I do know. He gave it to me on Christmas. Duh.

The set features mostly awesome players at the time including a joint card of Dwight Gooden and Don Mattingly. They feature individually, too. The main allure of the set for me is, of course, Darryl Strawberry. He's the man. 

There are six Mets and 5 Yankees. Which is about right; and Mike Easler for me seems the weirdest guy included. I love him on the Pirates; his 1983 Topps card is one of my all time favorites --- along with Johnny Ray's. However, be that as it may. I'd've selected Dave Righetti. Why? 1986 was the only year Easler was on the Yankees and while he had an admirable year, Righetti was smokin' in relief for his team that finished second in the AL East. 

It's a solid set all things considered. Thanks brother!

Who would you have put in this little, special set?

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  1. nicely done artwork! Since Bucky Dent wasn't on the roster...

  2. I would have put Sid Fernandez or Bob Ojeda instead of Easler. But if you made me choose a Yankee... maybe Willie Randolph. By the way... that Darling is fantastic. Love the windup drawing.

  3. It's definitely surprising that Righetti wasn't included. I think I would have chosen him, too. On the Mets side, I would have tried to get Howard Johnson in there.

  4. I'd never seen these before. Apparently, despite the name, they did some or all of the other MLB teams too. I found the Mattingly/Gooden photo they ripped off for that card - https://www.amazon.com/Autographed-Signed-Gooden-Mattingly-Yankees/dp/B07P9JTYWP

  5. Had to be Rigged to. Fun set.