Friday, January 3, 2020

John Kruk 1989 cards

In my recent John Kruk buying binge, the first of its kind and likely not the last, I got these two needed 1989 cards. The first is his Donruss Baseball's Best card. 

A lot of these special sets and the like narrowed it down to 12 or 24 or 33 or 40 or so cards. Donruss wanted to be more inclusive by selecting 336 of the "Best" players. Were Chuck Crim or Gene Harris really the best? That's rhetorical.

If you were creating a Best subset, how may cards would you include?

The second likely needs to preamble. But in case you like words, it's Sportflics!

I got hosed because I was going to say how clever it was that Sportflics placed this card 8th in the set and how ironic it was considering that was his jersey number for the Padres until I realized this was card 184 in the set. Bastards.  That's just confusing.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year.


  1. I'd probably go 50-100 for a best set if going by league...

  2. I'm sure you weren't the only collector confused with the jersey number and the card number both being placed on the back of those Sportflics. As for the best... maybe Top 25 for each league?