Friday, January 17, 2020

John Kruk 1990 Sportflics

So. I remember being really impressed with Sportflics back in the 1980s but by 1990 I was basically over it. What about you?

I never collected these cards after the first few years it was on the market, so this John Kruk card, a new acquisition, was very new to me. The picture on the back is wonderful.

I think he's eyeing someone's nachos.

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  1. The early cards were a great idea which Sportflics improved upon with every release. I love 'em!

  2. I collected the 1989 set at the time. It was fun to chase and I loved moving the cards just so to be able to see all three pictures.

  3. I bought one pack in 1990, and was disappointed it had only three cards. Didn't buy another. You rarely see '89 Sportflics these days, and virtually never see '90. To this day I still only have 8 cards from the '90 set.

  4. We often credit 89UD with being the first high end product for collectors... but personally... I think it was 1986 Sportflics. I think packs of that stuff were 50¢ and they only came with 3 cards. That's almost 20¢ per card. Topps packs were like 2 to 3¢ per card that year.