Tuesday, February 18, 2020

1991 More Little Big Leaguers

Everyone's favorite Reds collector Jason (Writer's Journey Blog and Twitter) sent me a kind greeting card the other day. In the card were two 1991 baseball cards of the two players that I PC: John Kruk and Darryl Strawberry. They were from a series called Little Big Leaguers! 

Here is Young Kruk:

At first I was confused by Kruk's being called an "Outfielder" but a quick look at his 1991 stats shows he played more games in the outfield (87) games than at first base (61). OK, so far enough. We learn something new, potentially, every day. And his being on the Giants clearly foreshadowed his role in the film The Fan. (Hat-tip to Nick Vossbrink for his custom card.)

And now for Strawberry:

Oh, Darryl. Thou doth not look very happy in this photograph. I'm frankly not feeling the "love" of anything in this photo....

Except that I do love the card. Jason,  you hooked me up with two great baseball cards and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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  1. Those cards are fantastic. I've never seen anything like them before. This would make an excellent idea for a stand alone product aimed at young collectors. Maybe a 200-card checklist of the biggest names... 8 cards a pack at a buck a pack?

  2. These are great. Kruky looks so... small!

  3. Very cool cards. I'd love to see if any of the players I collect have cards in this set.