Tuesday, February 4, 2020

1993 SCD Sports Card Pocket Price Guide

The answer to the question on the back of the card, "What jersey # did Darryl wear in New York?" should be common knowledge. If you don't know it's 18 then you can bugger off.

This card is pretty fantastic even though the back is wickedly miscut. I'm ok with that even though ideally it would be perfect. The colors on the front of the card baffle me, though they do stand out. It makes me want veggie hotdogs. 

SCD Sports Card Pocket Price Guide issued a 104 card set in 1993. It had baseball as well as other "sports": football, basketball, and hockey. But who cares about those? I think they must've chosen this write up on the back to intentionally link it to Strawberry's jersey number in Los Angeles (44). And this is another example of "What if" with that price for his 1983 Topps Traded card. And that's down $10 from the previous year...

Do you put ketchup and mustard on your veggie hotdog, too?

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  1. Veggie hotdogs aren't my thing. But if we're talking beef hotdogs... I like ketchup, relish, and onions on mine.

  2. Mustard, and maybe some relish.