Friday, February 7, 2020

John Kruk 1992

Topps Kids had to have been hokey in 1992 and I think perhaps it hasn't aged very well, either. What do you think about it? 

On the card back, "Bootnose" is the best nickname presented; the other two are staid. But I'm sure they probably aren't allowed to print half the nicknames these guys actually have.... Do you know of any inappropriate nicknames for players?

In its fourth year of printing cards, Upper Deck produced this solid, 26 card Homerun Heroes insert set. With 21 long balls, 1991 was Kruk's most prolific home run hitting season in the bigs, topping his previous high of 20 from 1987. It would also remain his career high, too. It's weird to think that at this point in his career he was well beyond the midpoint, with just a few years left.

I really didn't know how to orient this card back and so went the way I did so you could read the text on the back.

Anyway, one thing to remember about this Upper Deck insert set is that there were only 26 teams back then, and they selected one player from each team. Kruk was not known for his home run prowess. However, he lead that team that year, hitting three more than Dale Murphy who finished with 18. He was probably their best player that year, even stealing 7 bases and not getting caught once. (Murphy and Daulton also stole bases that year without getting caught. Mad speed.)  Todd Zeile was the Cardinals representative in the set. He lead his team with 11 home runs. A weak team, but holy moly look at their stolen base numbers! 9 players with double-digit steals!

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  1. I was around 10 years old when Topps Kids came out, and bought a number of packs at the time. I didn't think they were hokey when new, and still don't, they're just fun!

  2. Hey Jon! You youngin'! I hope my comments on Topps Kids didn't upset you!

  3. Picked up a box a few years ago and wrote a review here:

    In short, I really enjoyed this product.

  4. I didn't collect Topps Kids back then, but I can see the fun of a set like that, especially to a real youngster.

    Regarding those Cardinals teams, it would be fun if an owner decided to go completely against the grain and construct a team based on speed and defense like that again.

    1. I think I missed that day in school where they taught about fun!! I'd love a direct bucking of the trend. Analytics should be advanced enough to be adaptable to a small ball game. In fact, I think it would make for a fascinating new aspect to the competition.