Friday, February 14, 2020

John Kruk 1993

Here are three terrifically attractive John Kruk cards from 1993. Another Bookmark card to accompany my Darryl Strawberry one

John does not look very pleased in his mugshot on the card back.

The next two are both Fleer Oddballs. I think everyone knows Fruit of the Loom as a brand. They put out a 66-card set. But the other one, pictured on top, is Atlantic Collector's Edition (25 card set).

I have no idea what Atlantic was. Do you? What I like in particular is that they are all connected with Fleer's flagship design but that the Atlantic one features different photographs on the front and back. Fruit of the Loom and/or Fleer pulled a Topps and got lazy, I guess, and reused the same photos.

I wonder why they squeezed that "of" in there for the numbers and didn't just go with a / (12/25) or 33/66)... unless that's a serial number convention? Would it have been so back then?

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