Wednesday, March 18, 2020

1988 Playball America

Uh-oh! Looks like I've done it again! This fancy card has white text on a black back. That's mixing it up a bit. That's challenging innovation and showing a conscientious effort! But at least this Broder-style card has Strawberry wearing the beautiful blue and orange and white of the Mets and not that West Coast team that ruined him. 

One of the things that lead to my leaving baseball card collecting, and general fandom, was when Darryl Strawberry left New York to go west. It really broke my teen-aged heart. Maybe it had to do with girls or friends, too. But I know Strawberry's not being in New York was a contributing factor.

What's more distressing for you to experience regarding a professional sports player you like? That s/he goes, simply, to another team. Or, that they go, specifically, to your mortal enemy team?

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  1. Mortal enemy team would be the most distressing.

  2. It's definitely worse when a favorite player goes to a team you don't like. When the A's shipped Rickey off to NY... it was devastating. It actually made me dislike the Yankees even more.

    1. Yeah, I can't remember feeling anything other than ambivalence about Strawberry signing with the Dodgers and I can't remember what team my 1991 self hated the most.

  3. Weird to see Darryl with a mustache.