Wednesday, April 15, 2020

HOF Jeff Bagwell

Jeff Bagwell, the one that got away from the Red Sox, is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. (In case you didn't realize it, the Astros won that trade. The Red Sox got something called Larry Andersen.) The thing I like the best about him is that he stayed with the Astros his whole career once he started in 1991. I really like that. 

I was just looking at his first major baseball cards and none of them was remotely familiar. Sadly for me, much of his career--which came to a close in 2005--was during a period I wasn't so into baseball. Though I started to get back into it in 1998-2000 after a six or so year hiatus, I knew of him but didn't pay him much attention.  

His accolades included a Rookie of the Year, a MVP, some All-Star games and Silver Slugger awards.

This is Bagwell's last Topps base card from the 2006 set. 

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  1. That's a wonderful sunset card.

  2. I have a deep admiration for players who stay loyal to one franchise. I realize that it's not always in their control... which makes the ones that do even more special.

  3. Cool card. I don't think I knew he didn't reach 500 HRs. I was lucky enough to see him play twice in Houston, including once at Enron Field when it was still Enron.

  4. I got a chance to meet him during his early years when the Astros played the Phillies. He was super fan friendly and kind to the fans.