Friday, April 17, 2020

John Kruk Topps Micros & Archives

Topps Micro are kind of fun. Kind of annoying, too. They scan worth shit and look terrible as digital surrogates. Maybe I should have scanned them at 1200dpi? Would it matter?  

(This post has a "real" 1992 Kruk in it.)

Micro for 1992 (above) is a shame especially because the card back is so beautiful. It's just too small in this format.

Below is the Micro card for 1993. I'm ok with it being smaller because I don't care much for the back; though I do like the design on the front of the card.

(Here is a "real" 1993 Kruk, from 1993.)

Because they scanned so crappy, I decided to include this 2012 Topps Archives SP of John Kruk. To show off what a nice looking 1993 style card looks and scans like. Take that, Micro!

In the above card, Kruk is clearly beating the pants off the Mets. The catcher is so ashamed at his bad game calling he cannot even show his face.

When you go for variations? Do you go for SPs? Or do you go all out for SSPs?

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  1. I think annoying and fun is a good way to put Micros. I HATE mini cards, but I like micros. Go figure.

    I don't really chase SPs, despite having a few.

  2. I don't usually chase SP's... but if I find them in a dime box or something I'll grab it. The problem is I don't even recognize SP's 99% of the time... unless they're extra decorations like the ornaments on last year's Topps Holiday cards. But photo variations and things like that... I usually have no clue about them and my eyes can't see the tiny little codes on the back of Topps cards.

    1. I can't read the codes, either, and have sent several SPs away for nothing, not realizing they were actually kind of valuable. It's the only time I've felt taken advantage of since my return in the hobby but I'm partially if not largely responsible, maybe?

  3. I didn't know 1993 had micros. I thought they were a one and done things... they should have been in my estimation.

    1. Yeah, I think they did it for a three year run from 1991 to 1993.