Monday, May 4, 2020

HOF Kirby Puckett

Doofus Law says Kirby Puckett is the worst player in the Hall of Fame but I suspect that's recency bias as well as other kinds of bias. This is Puckett's final Topps base card from the 1996 set. He was elected on the first ballot he could have been in 2001. 

1996 had a lot of players last cards who would eventually be voted into the Hall of Fame including Andre Dawson, Lee Smith, Lee's brother Ozzie Smith, and Puckett.

I remember Puckett as being a great player but the excellent BBBA Podcast comparing Puckett and Mattingly had me second guessing. Which is I guess something that one can do when one is 20+ years removed from a players' career with information to hand that even the player and his coaches didn't know existed. But, hell, if Baines got in then Puckett definitely should be in. Unless he shouldn't. But he had a fairly solid looking 12 year career.  R.I.P.

Really not a fan of 1996 Topps. The face on the front in the name plate is rather frightening. It might be one of the worst design decisions Topps ever made.

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  1. He's at least better than Harold Baines. Probably Alan Trammell too.

  2. Kirby Puckett will always be remembered around here as the guy I acquired for my fantasy team and two months later he had the gall to get glaucoma before the season started and retire (OK, it wasn't his fault).

    To make matters worse, this was the same year Topps released that awful-looking '96 set.

  3. The thing with Puckett was that he was forced into retirement early. Had he played another 4-5 seasons, he would've easily picked up 3,000 Hits. Even without the extra seasons, I still think he was better than Raines, Trammell, and probably Baines.

  4. Puckett was a 10x MLB All-Star, a 6x Gold Glove Award winner, and a 6x Silver Slugger Award winner. He was one of the best American League outfielders from 1986 to 1995. He'd get my vote. On the other hand... I'm a big fan of him... so I'm a little biased.

  5. The more people that refute that Law guy the better! Thanks for your comments, all.

  6. Puckett is a borderline Hall Of Famer, I suppose, but he's clearly more deserving than Baines. Not to mention some of the really questionable picks from the early days of the Veteran's Committee, such as Jim Bottomley, Jesse Haines, High Pockets Kelly, Rube Marquard, and Lloyd Waner. Heck, he compares pretty favorably with Jack Morris, Jim Rice, or Catfish Hunter.

    I do have to defend Alan Trammell, who is a 70-WAR guy. He should have been in the Hall long ago.