Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Two Darryl Strawberry Baseball Cards

The afterlife of Darryl Strawberry's time with the Mets is long and storied. Perhaps even more storied than his years with those Mets. Which should tell you a little something about what to expect below, if you're even bothering to read this text. If you are, comment what 2+2 equals.

1994 Topps I find to be unmemorable. Kind of like Strawberry's last few years with the Dodgers. The back of the card is too scrunched but it looks like he's having fun.

But this card is different. This card is Gold. Topps Gold.

Speaking of gold...1997 Donruss Preferred comes next. It kind of reminds me of Topps Gallery, also issued in 1997.

But I don't think I really care for this design? I think perhaps it might look better in the original rather than in the scan. Topps Gallery has something I really like about it. Particularly the frame. It reminds me of the kind of frame you might see something in in a museum. I also really find that I dislike cards with just one line of stats. Show me more. What about you? How do you feel?

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  1. 2+2=5. I saw it in a video... so it must be true (
    One line stats on the back? Ugh. Give me full stats!

  2. 4, which also might be the minimum number of stat lines that should appear on the back of a card.

  3. 2+2 = 2+2+2-2

    I like the '97 Topps Golds. They looked pretty good, overall.

  4. 4, I really liked the way they used to do the 'Topps Gold' outline instead of the regular logo.

  5. Strawberry was just in the news talking about how he wished he never signed with the Dodgers.

  6. 4. The Donruss Preferred design wasn't the best... but I was drawn to that product because of the steel cards and the different colored tiers in the set.