Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Darryl Strawberry: 1989 Red Foley

Who was Red Foley? Why did he want to make stickers? There was a singer called Red Foley. But I'm not sure that was him. There was also a sportswriter and official baseball scorer by that name. That seems more likely. I was going to do some original research for this blog post, but Wrigley Wax did such a nice job and included everything and more than I could have come up with. Read that blog post here.

This is Darryl Strawberry's 1989 Red Foley sticker. These bad boys are actually sneaky expensive on the market. Which is fine, I guess, as they likely were printed in smaller quantities than Panini? Maybe? Nice photograph showing a strong right biceps. But the back is a bit bland but that's ok because they were meant to be thrown away. Which is funny that some companies put the sticker number on the back. Duh. These suckers are small. 

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  1. It'd be cool to stumble across one of these sticker albums one day at an affordable price. I could use the Gwynn and Rickey for each of these.

  2. Pretty nice picture for a sticker. Straw was one strong dude!

  3. It's a nice photo, but I always liked my sticker numbers on the back, even as a kid I thought that they looked kind of tacky (no pun intended) once they started putting them on the front.