Monday, February 1, 2021

HOF Dennis Eckersley

As compared to last week's card, this weeks is relative no brainer. Dennis Eckersley's twenty-four year career with five teams--Oakland, Boston, the Cubs, Cleveland, and St. Louis--is a hall of fame career and not just because he was an MVP and a Cy Young (1992), a six-time All-Star, one a single World Series (1989), was the MVP of the ALCS MVP, and was the Rolaids Relief picture of the year twice. 

How many other players have won either their first MVP or Cy Young in their 18th year of Major Leagues baseball, let alone winning both awards at the same time? And doing so as a flippin' closer?

Eckersley converted from a started to a closer after the 1986 season. And I suspect this is the reason why he was elected into the HOF. He had three career saves before 1987 and from 1987 to 1998, home boy secured the win for and additional 387 games. 

He's currently seventh all time in saves. When he retired he was probably second after Lee Smith, but he's been passed by HOFers Rivera and Hoffman, as well as non-HOFers like John Franco, Francisco Rodriguez, and Billy Wagner. 

Do you feel Franco, Rodriguez and Wagner are HOFers or should be in the HOF? I'm ambivalent but I feel like if you're in the top five or so all-time of your position you do deserve some serious consideration.

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  1. Good question! I have a hard time disagreeing with your statement "if you're in the top five or so all-time of your position you do deserve some serious consideration".

    But some stats are more important than others. None of the top 5 all time pinch hitters or runners are in the Hall. Saves are kind of a made up and nebulous stat to me. I do appreciate a good closer, but It just isn't as important as the starting pitcher. Might be a harsh way of looking at it, but there you have it!

  2. I guess since all three of those relievers played for the Mets, I should way in. I don't really see any of them as Hall of Famers, but Wagner has a decent case. His ERA+ of 187 is pretty crazy good. The other two, no, I think they're "Hall of Very Good".

  3. Not the biggest fan of 1998 Topps... but that's a great looking card of Eck. As for the hall of fame question... I'll leave that up to others. I'm the guy who wants Bonds and Clemens in... which means I'm "that guy". ;D

  4. I'd vote for Wagner, but not the other two. Take a look at Wagner's more advanced stats and he was definitely the better of the three pitchers.