Monday, June 29, 2020

HOF Fergie Jenkins

Fergie Jenkins had a 19-year baseball career. Strange, because the back of his 1984 Topps card doesn't really look to contain so many lines. He pitched his last game in 1983 in his second stint with the Cubs. That's how I think of him: as a Cubs. Which is probably how most of us do? He had ten years with them and the also pitched for the Phillies, Rangers (also two stints), and Red Sox. 

Jenkins won a Cy Young, was a three time All-Star, and was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1991 earning 75.4% of the vote in his third year of eligibility. Squeaking in.

He pitched 4500.2 innings and faced exactly 18,400 batters. His Cy Young came in 1971 with the Cubs. He had 30 complete games and pitcher 325 innings. His team that year finished 3rd with a record of 83-79 in the NL East behind the juggernaut, World Series winning Pirates and persistent Cardinals. 

Jenkins played with four teams but who do you most associate him with? Me, it's these Cubs.

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  1. Fergie, you is truly a great guy, will always be a Cub to me!

  2. He was also one of a group called the Loyal Order of the Buffalo Heads.

  3. I think of him as a Cub first and foremost, but also to an extent as a Ranger. Not quite a split like Gary Carter as an Expo and a Met, but an uneven split like Tom Seaver as a Met first and a Red second.

    I've actually been thinking about trying to put together a list of the player I'd most associate with each potential pair of teams. Some are obvious--besides the ones mentioned above, Mets/Dodgers would be Mike Piazza, Reds/Orioles would be Frank Robinson. That short of thing. Some combinations would be quite difficult to pin down, no doubt.

  4. I definitely associate him with the Cubs first... then Rangers second. 30 complete games in a season. That's impressive.