Monday, June 22, 2020

HOF Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is the kind of player I like best. Long career and all with one team. He played 19 seasons from 1965 to 1984 all with the Baltimore Orioles. He missed the 1968 season...missed being the wrong word for it as he was in the Minors the whole year trying to figure things out. Though the stats for his first three years don't look too bad, it's clear the year down had an effect on his final 16 years.

Palmer won 3 Cy Young awards, was on 3 World Series winning teams, won 2 ERA titles, was voted to 6 All-Star games, and won 4 Gold Gloves. His 268 wins was impressive and it's a shame he wasn't a 300 game winner; his career ERA is a sting 2.86. Imagine that. He had 211 complete games. Imagine THAT!

Palmer was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1990 which was his first year of eligibility. He went in that year with last weeks guy, Joe Morgan. Palmer secured 92.6% of the vote. A no-doubter. I knew him as a pitcher as I grew up in the Baltimore market. I probably saw him live at least once, I imagine. But I did know him as an underwear model. I guess we probably found it funny.

This is Jim Palmer's final Topps card for the 1983 season. He appeared in five games in 1984 going 0-3 with a 9.17 era.

The text on the back of the card is a bit lame, but I guess Topps had to put something there.

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  1. I kept reading looking for where you would mention the underwear modeling gig. Thanks for not disappointing me!

  2. I might have gone with, say "Jim has won three Cy Young Awards", but I guess they wanted it to be as current as possible.

  3. Palmer came down with a sore arm in 1967 (as did Dave McNally and Wally Bunker), and it took Palmer until the end of 1968 to get back to form.

  4. 211 complete games is very impressive. I had to look it up on Baseball Reference... and I was blown away that those 211 complete games aren't even ranked in the Top 100. I would have thought that was Top 20 or something.

  5. I always liked that '84 Palmer card because it looks like he's making a pick-off throw to first base, which you don't see very often on a card.