Monday, June 15, 2020

HOF Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan. I was only a baseball fan for the later part of Joe Morgan's career. So I think I mostly remember him as a broadcaster. His smile is radiant. And I always enjoyed his game. He has a great literal voice for that kind of thing.

He won two MVP awards (back-to-back in 1975 and 1976), was a 10 time All-Star, won two World Series (also back-to-back in 1975 and 1976), five Gold Gloves, a Silver Slugger, and was an All-Star Game MVP. 

His career started with ye old Colt .45s. He finished second in the 1965 Rookie of the Year race finishing a distant second behind the winner Jim Lefebvre of the Dodgers. Those interested in WAR will shit their pants and become revisionist to know that Morgan should have won the Rookie of the Year in 1965 because his WAR was 5.7 and Mr The February's was 4.6.

He led the league in a number of categories through the years, the peak period being 1971 to 1976. His 1982 Silver Slugger award was more deserving than Ozzie Smith's lone award in that category! It was a newish category then and maybe 

This 1985 Topps card was his last printed in a base set my the now monopoly-holding card company. In a feat of inconsistency, they did issue a card for Morgan whose last game was in the 1984 season. 

Who else now is in the mood for a donut?

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  1. Make mine chocolate cake, with a icing glaze and shredded coconut on top. That's my favorite donut!
    FYI, I knew Morgan started with the Colt .45s and finished with the A's, but I had no idea he played for Philly.

  2. Ha Mr. The February! Took me a second. Always in the mood for a donut. Never in the mood for a broadcast featuring Joe Morgan. Ozzie won a Silver Slugger? What the fresh hell?

  3. I've seen this Morgan card... as well as a handful of others that feature him with the A's. But I don't remember him actually playing for them when I was growing up. Maybe I'm just getting old and it got lost in the cobwebs.

    P.S. I'll pass on the donut... and take a bagel.

  4. Like the card, but I'll leave the donuts for everyone else.

  5. I missed pretty much all of his playing days. Definitely watched him call a lot of games on ESPN throughout the 1990s, though. And he was a terrific player. Essential on those Big Red Machine teams.

    I'm thinking bagel more than donut, but either option works!