Friday, June 5, 2020

John Kruk: 1987 Topps Stickers

John Kruk. The man, the myth, the slap-hitting first baseman and outfielder for the San Diego Padres here. This is the 1987 Topps Sticker. Or, half of it. For .18 cents. Not bad, but I wouldn't have paid .36 cents for the whole thing. Naturally I thought I was getting the whole thing from Sportlots, but I guess that's a minor set back to ordering without photographic evidence.

Kruk's sticker-mate on this was the Minnesota Twins Mickey Hatcher who played third, first, and outfield in his 12 year career with the Twins and Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles, California. 

Not sure I ever noticed it before but the sticker was Made in Italy. 

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  1. Half a sticker of a slap-hitting legend is better than no sticker!

  2. I bought a Gwynn sticker on Sportlots that was cut in half. I wasn't very amused, but for 18¢... it wasn't worth complaining about.

  3. Cool action shot on a sunny day at the ballpark. On the back, the letter/number slots on that entry form must be tiny. I wonder how many kids filled those out and sent them in.