Friday, February 5, 2021

John Kruk: 2005 Donruss Champions and more

John Kruk, like Darryl Strawberry and 448 others, was included in the 2005 Donruss Champions set. But it being 2005 and Donruss, there are 13 insert and 11 parallel sets, in addition to a proof set. Ugh. Good luck. 

I love the maroon color dominating this card as it's not only a beautiful color, but also the throwback to pre-1992 days when their switched to red. 

In addition to the above, I wanted to show off a surprise pack that P-Town Tom sent me last week. It was a fat pack of 1990 Fleer with John Kruk on the front. The pack has 33 cards and 3 stickers for a total of 36 pieces of cardboard. 

Yes, I opened it. I felt badly doing so; I felt weird doing so. But I felt compelled to. I had not opened a pack of anything in probably two years. I'm glad I did as the cards were fun to look at. Kruk was the highlight and without a doubt and inarguably the best player, too. Here are the cards and stickers in order of appearance in the pack:

Left hand side: John Kruk (Phillies), Mookie Wilson (Blue Jays), Bobby Bonilla (Pirates), Gary Gaetti (Twins), Darrin Jackson (Padres), Lance McCullers (Yankees), Bob Forsch (Astros), Chili Davis (Angels), Junior Felix (Blue Jays), John Orton (Angels) and Scott Leius (Twins), Ramon Martinez (Dodgers), Kevin Reimer (Rangers), Tim Raines (Expos), Bo Jackson (Royals), Willie Fraser (Angles), and Shane Rawley (Twins). 

Right hand side: Jose Gonzalez (Dodgers), Geno Petralli (Rnagers), Dave Martinex (Expos), Mark Gubicza (Royals), Dante Bichette (Angels), Al Newman (Twins), Dean Wilkins (Cubs), Frank Tanana (Tigers), Bruce Hurst (Padres), Dale Murphy (Braves, Players of the Decade), Frank Williams (Tigers), Jeff Hamilton (Dodgers), Brian Holton (Orioles), Glenn Davis (Astros), Bob Welch (A's), Rob Kittle (White Sox), and Chris Hammond (Reds). 

Lots of teams represented, even some father's of current players (McCullers & Bichette). I wonder if Bob Forsch has any sons in baseball? If so, they'd be Bob Forsch kin. Ba-dum, ching. Al Newman looks so suave and cool, especially compared to Dean Wilkins, his card neighbor.

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  1. Bo is a nice pull and Raines is in the HOF, but otherwise I think Kruk is easily the best card in the pack. Glad you ripped into it and had fun doing so!

  2. I don't think Bob Forsch had any sons who played at a high level, but he and his brother Ken are the only brothers to pitch major league no-hitters, so that's some impressively unblemished Forsch kin.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pack results! Makes me want to open a pack now, too.