Monday, November 9, 2020

Darryl Strawberry: 1994 Collectors Choice Silver Signature

This is the 1994 Collectors Choice Silver Signature card. I didn't know this set existed as by the time they were out I was out of the hobby. I find this one, and Ultra, and numerous others to be confusing because they are made by Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, Topps, etc., but they aren't classified as Upper Deck Collectors Choice or Topps Stadium Club, or Fleer Ultra...they appear under Stadium Club, Ultra, and what not. Does that confuse anyone else? 

Strawberry had such bad years before the mid 1990s I wonder why they even bothered printing cards for him!  I'm asking this of fans and particularly Dodgers Strawberry's contract with the team one of the worst in their long history? I'd put Carl Crawford up there, too. But I hope D.S. isn't in the top spot.

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  1. If I hadn't been collecting during this era, I'd be confused. That's a great photo of Strawberry (Collector's Choice has a reputation for that). Just wish it was zoomed a little more out to include the entire bat.

  2. Yes, I also think that they should be listed as "Fleer Ultra" or "Upper Deck Collector's Choice". That's certainly how I list them if I'm setting up some kind of list or spreadsheet.