Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Two Darryl Strawberry White Whales

The Lost Collector took advantage of an eBay code and blogged about it.  So did P-Town Tom, falling into "the trap". (I read that hearing Admiral Akbar shouting "It's a trap!" in <i>Return of the Jedi</i>. 

So did A Cracked Bat and Johnnys Trading Spot, and Fuji did too. And many others I'm sure. 

After reading Tom's blog post I was jealous and logged into eBay only to find... I had the code and less than three days to use it before it expired. 

Following on the last eBay code that I had wherein I acquired two of the earliest John Kruk cards, I took this opportunity to use this generous $25 gift to go after some early Darryl Strawberrys. 

I thought about going after about a dozen or more $1 or $2 cards: go for quantity as well as purported quality. But as appealing as that was, then I thought maybe there are some harder to get, more expensive early cards that would be kind of more celebratory. It isn't every day you're given $25 and I did just hit a milestone of 900 cards. So, I went and got cards 901 and 902... 

Well, behold the 1983 TCMA Tidewater Tides card number 28 and the 1984 TCMA Tidewater Tides card with no number, nothing on the back and limited to a print run of just 2,700. 

The seller was asking for $50 to BIN or to try your luck with an offer. And free shipping. I'm not a greedy man. I knew I already had $25 off, so threw out a modest $45 offer. 

The offer was accepted almost instantaneously. Soooooo it was about $47 and change (with tax), less $25 which means I got them for $22 total. Or $11 each. 

And the baseball cards showed up two days later.

I've always been anxious about these cards because I've wanted to own them badly but have always kind of felt these would be relatively easy to forge. Am I just paranoid? I really hope they are authentic. 

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  1. Ah, good ol' Admiral Akbar. LOL
    I think you did well with your $25. Early Strawberry cards are so patriotic!

  2. Now we just need to find the St Paul Saints Straw for you

  3. I don't know anything about forgeries when it comes to these sets/cards, but I do know that they're both really attractive, especially the '84.

  4. I love the TCMA card. I have the 1983 Lynchburg Mets Gooden with the same design. Looks like I'll have to hunt for the Tides Strawberry to go with it.

  5. The first thing I noticed about these cards was the old time pillbox type hat. If I recall correctly for the 1976 season all the MLB teams wore those throwback pillbox hats to celebrate the Bicentennial. The Pirates kept the look for several seasons. Other than the Cardinals I have rarely seen a team other than the Pirates wear them. Odd I could have sworn there were tons of photos from back then of every team wearing them. However there seem to be very few cards from back then that have them. OK OK these cards are 1983 nearly a decade later.