Friday, October 16, 2020

John Kruk: 1992 Upper Deck Team MVP Hologram

Three simple words: John. Kruk. Hologram.

This 54 card set issued by Upper Deck in 1992 features team MVPs. Kruk shared the MVP status bestowed by Upper Deck with relief pitcher Mitch Williams. I haven't gone team by team, but it seems like one position player and one pitcher was selected for inclusion. That's fair.

There were 26 teams back then. So I know you did the math really fast. That's 52. And I know what you're thinking, too: But the card set, you said, was 54? You wouldn't like lie to us, would you? What's the diff? Pray, do tell. 

Well, since you asked, Upper Deck issued cards numbered one and two in the set---especial---of Cal Ripken, Jr. and Terry Pendleton. Especial, and super creepy looking. Go check 'em out. 

Not quite sure what the image in the hologram is all about, but Kruk may be sliding into a base or doing a knees-bent push-up or plank, or, possibly, humping the ground. I'm not going to say anything else other than...

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  1. Yeah, that background photo is all kinds of confusing!

  2. Don't think I had ever seen that Ripken before. Thanks for pointing it out. It's definitely weird.