Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Cards from Night Owl

Greg---who I think is a Dodgers fan(?)---recently sent me some cards. But I'm only going to highlight two of them here because I know you care so much about Darryl Strawberry. Blogger loaded them in reverse order, and I don't feel like screwing with the HTML to get them fixed. 

So, first up is this 2014 Allen & Ginter mini card. 

And then second up is a Dodgers card, one of two team-oriented Greg sacrificed to my collection. This is the 1991 Topps Magazine card. One of the closer approximations of an artistic rendering of the actual human, but still very much lacking what I consider a superior medium for baseball cards: the photograph. 

Thank you very much Greg! I'm so grateful!

Thanks for stopping by.

PS: Look. I've been accused of being a tease before. So, out of courtesy, I'll tell you that the other Dodgers card Greg gave to me is the 1967 Topps card for the Hall of Fame manager Walt Alston. 


  1. You now have all the Darryls that I'm willing to surrender ... of course I've said that before.

  2. Vintage ... of a HOF manager. How delightful!
    Please post pics!

  3. I miss Topps Magazine. The magazine itself was interesting... but when you factor in those cards, they're a must have for my collection.

    1. I never read it and before I re-joined The Hobby am not sure I knew it existed.

    2. If you ever stumble across them at a flea market or card show for a buck, it's worth checking out.