Friday, November 6, 2020

John Kruk: 1993 Kenner Starting Lineup Portrait

This card is John Kruk's 1993 Kenner Starting Lineup card. In some respects it feels like a Panini Sticker. I adore Kruk's signature on the back. A nice touch to take up all that white space. 

Did you collect Starting Lineup? I had a couple, I'm sure. I know I had a Strawberry. And a Dominique Wilkins which I sent off to someone a year or more ago. Not sure I have the figurines at all anymore though. Just the cards. I don't think I have all the Kruk cards yet from this maker. I might have all the Strawberrys, but I'd have to check.

Here are my picks for the baseball awards being announced next week. How do they stack up against your guesses???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

NL MVP: Freeman
NL Cy Young: Bauer (exclusively for his 2 CGs)
NL ROY: Bohm
NL Manager: Mattingly

AL MVP: LeMahieu
AL Cy Young: Bieber
AL ROY: Lewis
AL Manager: Renteria

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  1. Your NL picks are the same as mine. Mattingly somehow got Miami into the playoffs after their run-in with Covid. He deserves the award big time.
    I'm not sure about LeMahieu as MVP, but I'm not sure about Abreu or Ramirez either.

  2. Haven't given much thought to the MLB Awards, but maybe this weekend I will. Collect Starting Lineups? Heck yeah I did... and still do. I have two binders worth of the cards.

  3. I'm kind of surprised to hear that you don't have any Kruk or Strawberry figures, but I suppose you'd say that they take up too much space.