Monday, November 16, 2020

John Kruk: 1993 Score

In the spring I bought a lot of cards I needed for my John Kruk and Darryl Strawberry collections. Most of them were relatively inexpensive: under .50 cents. Some of the cards I didn't think I needed, but did, were like this 1993 Score card. I thought I had gotten all the base issues for the "major" card producers at the time. But, clearly, I was was wrong. This card I got in March and scanned on the 27th of that month. All the cards I've been showing off since then date from the early days of the strange year that is 2020. 

I like this card design and Score maintained its rather snark-tastic player bio text in what today would be called "body shaming".  In reality, however, the naturalness of Kruk's body makes him way more attractive that Arnold ever was. 

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  1. Love that 0.423 OBP... I know he wasn't a big speed guy, although he could steal a base earlier in his career, but man I'd love to have him at the top of my lineup if I'm the manager.

  2. I've never given 1993 Score the time of day... but this is one nice looking card.