Friday, November 20, 2020

Match the song title: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

Night Owl's recent post "Match the song title: No Need to Argue" got me thinking about one of my favorite albums by the Cranberries. Listened to it in the car the other day, too. So good. 

And then I started thinking about what is possibly my favorite album of all time: (What's the Story) Morning Glory by Oasis, which came out the year after the Cranberries record Greg featured. Both were sophomore albums. Both were improvements on already terrific debuts. 

I've had to modify from Greg's card focused post because I decided to go with just about the first thing that popped in my head and some of them are cards, some of them are my photos, and some are pilfered. Some are game experiences I've watched on TV, seen in person, or read or thought about. 

Note: tracks 6 and 11 are brief excerpted instrumentals and I've skipped them.

Track 1: Hello

Opening Day. The day when it all starts. I guess pitchers and catchers reporting could have been selected, too. But let's be real. Spring Training is fun, but it's not meaningful. Spring Training is your first eighth grade kiss with just a hint of wet tongue. Opening Day is renting a hotel room and losing your virginity. 

Track 2: Roll With It 

Bill Buckner. It's the most famous roll in baseball, isn't it? 

Track 3: Wonderwall


Boston's Green Monster came to my mind. The 30 or more games I saw there from 2001 to 2018 was always a wonderful experience. Even when the Red Sox won. I even got to sit near the wall one game...I routinely sit in different seats as I really enjoy the different sight lines they afford. But, Fenway Park's Green Monster truly is a wonderwall. 

Track 4: Don't Look Back in Anger

2020 Dodgers

Track 5: Hey Now

This song seems to be about fame, memory, nostalgia, and perhaps a simpler life. So as that goes, I'm thinking about a time when baseball and life seemed simpler, and that's back in the 1950s. I mean, they painted baseball cards back then! I might be wrong because of course life and times for those folks had their own complications, but baseball seems to have been more pure back then. It's flawed and faulty logic, but what can you do?

Track 7: Some Might Say

Probably could be the Cubs anthem for a long time "Some might say we will find a brighter day". But I guess it could apply to the Orioles or the Pirates or any other team that really isn't very good right now. 

Track 8: Cast No Shadow

"As they took he soul they stole his pride" I think might be a refrain for the Steroid guys who had, in many cases, all the talent in the world but somehow still managed to make exceedingly bad decisions.

Track 9: She's Electric 

August 8, 1988: Wrigley Field gets lights!

Track 10: Morning Glory

11 am games at Nationals Park which means grabbing at beer at 9:30 as soon as the gates opened. This photo is from 2014 and was taken at 10:14 am. I know that Fenway Park has been having 11 am games for a while on Patriots Day but it's often atrocious weather. 11 am on July 4th in DC? Optimal time to start a baseball game. 

Track 12: Champagne Supernova

No, not for a walk off on May 19th. No, not your Wild Card berth assurance. Only World Series clinching games. 

Thanks for the neat idea, Greg!

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  1. That last Mets photo is a wee bit frightening.

    True story: I considered doing Morning Glory for my most recent Match the Song Title and then settled on the Cranberries because it means more to me. But still, Oasis gets a lot of garbage it shouldn't and it's a good album. Great song (Wonderwall).

    1. That's pretty funny. I'm confident if you had chosen Oasis I would not have selected the Cranberries. I might've gone for Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins or something by Radiohead.

  2. Wonderwall is definitely a classic. Top 50 song for me. Hey Now!, Cast No Shadow, Morning Glory, and Champagne Supernova are also great songs.

  3. What's The Story is one of those albums I can listen to on repeat and not get tired of. It's an underrated album and one of the best from the 90's.