Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: 2005 Topps Rookie Cup



Heinous card design from front to back, but Topps somehow limited themselves to a set of just 160 cards. I like the post-swing image of Strawberry used on the card. Frankly anything Mets will be nicer looking than Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees. 

The set is actually a nice mix of players, both well-known and probably under-appreciated. I wish Topps featured more variance in the players it uses year-to-year, but I'm sure there are things like contracts and what not that prevent them from issuing a more diverse checklist. 

Do you have any cards from this set? Do you like its design? I'm not really that impressed with it. And I think, in general, the placement of things like Rookie Cups needs to be in either the lower left or lower right corner.  I don't like this hanging out in the middle of the card.

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  1. "I wish Topps featured more variance in the players it uses year-to-year."
    A Thousand Times This!

    I think the design could be improved if they used a big Rookie Cup in the back ground. No? I understand all the negative space is the cup, but I would like to see it colorized.

  2. I love this set so much that I have been working (somewhat passively recently) on a rainbow set over the last decade. It's a simple design, but it really works and showcases something that is exclusively Topps in the hobby. I believe I would be equally enamored if Donruss put out a Rated Rookies set similar to this.

  3. I bought a couple of the orange parallels (/399) from the online dime box a few months back--obviously not any big stars. They're pretty nice, and the orange is a good color for it. You're right that the placement of the cup itself is awkward.

  4. If I have any singles from this set... it's probably an A's or Padres player that someone has sent me... or maybe a Bonds, Ichiro, Maddux, or another player I PC.

  5. Fuji - I have one of your A's from this set. It's Dan Johnson and he represents my entire collection of 2005 Topps Rookie Cup.

  6. Most bloggers seem to love this set, glad to see that no shade was thrown your way for knocking it :)