Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: 1987 Press Box

Two cards I needed for my Darryl Strawberry collection were printed by The Press Box. It's a Broder-type card. Simple photograph on the front and minimal information on the back.

There are two other cards they put out in 1987 but I do not have them yet. I'd like them.They are part of my chase for 1,000 unique Strawberry cards! 

Pretty sure these are spring training games? In the bottom photo, it kind of looks like the Reds? The Mets and Reds did play four times that spring, so it's possible? 

Do you have any cards from The Press Box in your collection?

Players I most like, National League East:

Atlanta Braves: Frederick Freeman
Miami Marlins: Brian Anderson
New York Mets: I cannot find anyone I like
Philadelphia Phillies: Andrew McCutchen
Washington Nations: Max Scherzer

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  1. None of these in my collection, though it's nice the producer is identified on them vs a lot of these where there isn't a company name.

    Lol Frederick Freeman.

    For the Mets, I'd have to go with deGrom or Lindor.

  2. These are cool. Love the photos just sitting on stools in the background.

  3. I have one card from The Press Box in my collection and it's also from 1987, but it doesn't have the nice rounded edges like these two Strawberry cards do. Nice photography, too.