Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: 1998 Pacific Online

When I first heard of 1998's Pacific Online card, I thought it was one of those hideously stupid digital cards, like Bunt. But, I was wrong because it's a physical card and I was taken back to 1998 myself when I thought Netscape and Yahoo were the most amazing search engines. I guess there was no place to go but up.

This is Darryl Strawberry's card for that set. 

I love the url listed on the card but it's not secure. Sheesh. And the url isn't even valid any longer. Using the Internet Archive's Way Back machine, I visited the site. There were three captures in the year 2000, but none of them was very revealing. There were 17 captures for the base website But, again, nothing was really loading so it was really disappointing.  Maybe I wasn't doing something right? 

Least Favorite Players AL Central:

Chicago White Sox: Adam Easton
Cleveland Indians: Cesar Hernandez
Detroit Tigers: Nomar Mazara
Kansas City Royals: Andrew Benintendi
Minnesota Twins: Josh Donaldson

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  1. Yeah I tried the link on one of those cards recently and was disappointed to find it was invalid.

  2. Not one of the nicer looking sets out there. And it's huge, and it seems as though every player in it is an ex-Met or future (at the time) Met.

  3. Well, it is hideous, but at least it's a real card.

  4. Using the wayback machine is a nice idea. A shame it didn't work out. The twitter/instagram handles on current cards are going to look stupid like this in a few years.

  5. Donaldson seems like such a cool guy. Why is he your least favorite Twin?

  6. Cmon, Donaldson is annoying, but Nelson (Steroids) Cruz would be a better one for the Twins.

    1. I should have selected Kyle Garlick because I really, really, really hate garlic. And onion. And I'm petty.