Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: Class of '88

Spring Training Photograph Alert!  Spring Training Photograph Alert!

Looks like an elementary school field they are on.

I do not have anything more to say.  

So, here are the players I like AL Central:

Chicago White Sox: Lucas Giolito
Cleveland Indians: Terry Francona
Detroit Tigers: Jonathan Schoop
Kansas City Royals: Michael A. Taylor
Minnesota Twins:  No one jumps out. 

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  1. There's something else off about this picture. Is it the flash/lighting?

    1. Yeah, there is something off about it. It's really not my favorite one of these Broder-type cards. It's like it's taken just before a morning thunderstorm in Florida. None of these is "professional" but this one really looks much less so than most.

  2. It's so funny how crappy some of the spring facilities were up until the '90s (I assume where this was). Even the backfields now are a lot more professional.

  3. Chicago White Sox: Tim Anderson
    Cleveland Indians: Can't think of anyone I really like.
    Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera
    Kansas City Royals: Whit Merrifield
    Minnesota Twins: Josh Donaldson