Monday, April 5, 2021

HOF Bob Lemon

Bob, short for Bobert, Lemon was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on his twelfth ballot in 1976. He retired after 13 seasons, all with the Cleveland Indians. He hung up his cleats in 1958 and this is his 1958 Topps card. Lemon was a seven time all-star, earning the honor in seven consecutive seasons from 1948 to 1954. And he was a member of the 1948 winning World Series team, the last time the Indians can say they did that. 

Lemon might have had a longer career but Baseball Reference has "Did not play" for 1943 to 1945 due to military service. It's the first time I can recall seeing a player with that to start his career, though I'm sure there are many others. 

He lead the league in several categories in his prime but not in really meaningful, dominating stats. For example, he gave up the most hits three times.  And those against the Pitcher Win will scoff that he lead the league three times in that stat, too. (But I think Wins matter.)

Another guy that I feel like...was he an all-timer? I'm not so sure. What do you think?

Over the next six blog posts, I'm going to go through each division and list my least favorite player on each team. Should you feel so inspired, please list yours! These are players at the Major League Level; suspended players are included. Some of the teams were really hard as they are relatively harmless/innocuous, so sometimes I just picked someone at random.

AL East: 
Baltimore Orioles: Matt Harvey
Boston Red Sox: JD Martinez; David Ortiz has emeritus status.
New York Yankees: Aroldis Chapman 
Tampa Bay Rays: Willy Adames
Toronto Blue Jays: Steven Matz

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  1. Interesting choices for the AL East. Willy Adames? Really? Why so?
    I may do a post like this with all 6 divisions at once, but it'll have to come after the Simpsons posts.

    1. To be honest, for the Rays and a couple of other teams I just picked someone at random because they are relatively vanilla teams. I look forward to your own Dislike post!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing who your least favorite A's and Padres are. I'm having a total brain fart trying to come up with my least favorite AL East players are... which is weird, because I can't stand the Yankees.

  3. Check out Lemon’s batting stats. Had an OPS of .862 between 1947 and 1950.

  4. A lot of players had their beginnings delayed by the war, some of whom never got the chance to show what they could do, especially those that didn't come back.