Monday, May 3, 2021

HOF Red Schoendienst

This is a reprint card, like the 1956 Phil Rizzuto card I showed off a while ago. This is the likeness of Red Schoendienst's 1962 final Topps base card. I want an original, but the price of this one was more than I was willing to spend when I was looking for it. 

1962 Topps needs nothing said about it's delicious, all-time classic design. 

Schoendienst was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1989 by the Veterans Committee. He was a ten-time All-Star and was on two World Series winning teams with the Cardinals in 1946 and the Milwauke Braves of the National League in 1957. He also played with the New York Giants. He had a 19 year career but only hit 84 home runs. He had 89 stolen bases, making him--for his career--a member of the 80-80 club. The most he ever struck out in a season was 32 times. Some players probably do that in a week or ten days now.  He had 78 triples. I so wish he had more career triples than HR. So close. 

Based on his similarity scores on Baseball Reference, either he shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame or a lot of players like him should be,. 

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  1. Ah 1962 high numbers. Those are brutal. I have a few reprints on my Giants binder too.

  2. I remember him making the hall of fame. But since he played before I was born, I have no say whether or not he should be in.