Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: A Tale of Two Cities

More Darryl Strawberry cards. These clear out my backlogged 1990s cards. 

First we have 1993 Stadium Club Members only. You can take your pick as to whether you think this Pacific Terrific card is a Strawberry card or a Ken Griffey, Jr. card. The former is correct, the latter only slightly less correct. I had the base card, but didn't know about the Members Only until recently (November 2020).

And then there is a smiling Strawberry in his Giants uniform for 1994's Mother's Cookies card. 

In which uniform to you think Strawberry looks better: Dodgers or Giants?? 

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Monday, June 28, 2021

Dodging Darryl Strawberry

Still working through my backlog of Darryl Strawberry cards, I'm foregoing my normal Monday HOF card to showcase more of the, to me, fruitiest player in baseball history. These are some 1992 cards below.

First up is Ballstreet, featuring Eric Davis. These guys with the Dodgers were a bust. Were they of Carl Crawford with the Red Sox or Jacoby Ellsbury with the Yankees busts? Maybe Davis was comparable to those. Even though Strawberry didn't last it out or do well because of injuries and other stuff, he at least did better than Davis in his one full and one partial years on the squad.

This is 1992 Donruss Cracker Jacks. I liked Cracker Jacks back in the day but I'm no longer really a popcorn kind of guy. If you have to stop reading this due to philosophical differences I perfectly understand. 

Starting Lineup! This seems to be "Starting Lineup Black".

What's this? 1992 Legends Sports, that's what it is. There are a lot of borders on this card. The maroon, the marble, and the white. Unique angle on the photo, or it was taken by Danny DeVito.

And finally, RBI Magazine. With a nearly epic batting cage in the background. 

Showing all these Dodgers cards just makes me hope I'll be, somehow, starting to spend some of Night Owl Cards' money.

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: Some 1991 cards

I am going to double-up on Darryl Strawberry card posts this week---and maybe for a while---as I have a lot more Strawberry cards than John Kruk and last Topps HOF cards to show off. Do you mind?

So today are three 1991 cards that I got back in November 2020. Yes, that's how far behind I am.  Or, rather, that goes to show just how many cards I acquired last year. Showing off just one a week, as I had been doing, was bothering me. We're moving out of the Mets phase, though, and into the portion of his career that was an unfortunate career move: the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

This cards is from Legends Sports Memorabilia, Inc. It has such a janky batting cage/net in the background. It is legendarily terrible netting/caging, right? This set has 54, multi-sport cards in it. Even a college player! And a Brooklyn Dodgers (Duke Snider)!

Ah, that's more like it: Strawberry in a Mets uniform. This is something called Media Materials reading cards. It is a 30 card, multi-sport set. And it's in two parts. Or at least I have two physical items. Whereas the images in Trading Card Database show the face of one and the back of another. Weird. 

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: 1990 cards

Hey. Today I'm featuring a veritable hodge-podge of 1990 Darryl Strawberry cards. It's fascinating to see the oddballs and major releases side by side like this. I think so, at least. Do you? 

First of the the 1990 Baseballs Finest Stars set. It irks me that Baseballs is plural rather than possessive. (And why is the (team name) in parentheses?) This is a ten card set featuring the biggest names in the game of baseball. And Ben McDonald. 

Then we get 1990 Bowman Tiffany. The card front is really rather boring compared to the beauty of the card back. I know some do not like the stats layout on the back, but I find it wonderful. 

1990 Living Legends Gray card, now, featuring Strawberry and Howard Johnson. This is a twelve card, cross-sport set. It irks me that the front says Legends and the back Living Legend. And this is the only card in the set feature two players. Players representing baseball, basketball, and football are in the set. So why are golf and tennis depicted on the card back. I have NO idea what's going on with that one sport on the left, in-between the football punter and tennis player.  

And lastly, we have the 1990 O-Pee-Chee card. I had to re-buy this one as I got rid of it mistakenly thinking it was the regular Topps card. I prefer to see the OPC on the card front. Rather than hiding it in the copyright line on the back and with le texte fran├žais on the back. You down with OPC? Yeah you know me!

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Monday, June 21, 2021

HOF Eddie Mathews

Eddie, or Ed, or Edward Mathews is a hard name to spell because, by default, I want to use a double-t.

This is the 1968 Topps card for him, is last solo card in a base set. He was elected into the Hall of Fame by the BBWAA in 1978, his fifth year on the ballot. The positioning of Mathews' face and ballcap almost give this card a non-licensed feel to it since the logo is fractionally, if at all, visible.

Mathews was a 12-time All-Star and a two-time World Series Champion (1957 and 1968). He played seventeen years of professional ball with Milwaukee/Atlanta, Houston and Detroit. He broke into the league in 1952, finishing third in the Rookie of the Year vote. From 1953 to 1962 he was practically a perennial all-star. In ten of his seasons he was given MVP votes, finishing runner-up twice in 1953 and 1959. 

Mathews had 43 more strikeouts than walks.  

If you are into binary, you'll like his career, regular season plate appearances: 10101. Which is 21. He finished 21st in the MVP voting in his rookie year. It was fated. 

He's often Ed on his cards. But, I think of him as Eddie. What about you?

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Friday, June 18, 2021

John Kruk: 1994 Oscar Mayer Superstar Round-Up

Good day to you. Today's John Kruk card is the 1994 Oscar Mayer Superstar Round-Up disc. It's card 25 of 30. A very nice three-dimensional looking action at-bat photograph on the front which is complemented on the back with more casual shot of the lefty with the ball in his hand. Have you ever been photograph with balls in your hands?

I was too chicken to "pull" the tab. Do you ever pull your discs? That came out wrong. I'm having a bad blog day. 


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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: 1990 Shanks Collection

So in 1990 there was something called the Shanks Collection. Darryl Strawberry had two cards in this set. One for "Home Run Derby" and one for being among the "Best Hitters".  It's a 35-card set broken into a few categories: Home Run Derby, Future Hall of Famers, Rookies, Best Hitters I, and Best Hitters II.  Pete Rose and Don Mattingly are the only two guys in the Future Hall of Famers series not to be in the Hall of Fame. 

This is oddball baseball cards at its best.

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Monday, June 14, 2021

HOF Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1976 by the BBWAA. It was his fourth year on the ballot and he achieved 86.9% of the vote. A seven-time All-Star who played for Philadelphia, Baltimore, Houston, and the Cubs of Chicago, Roberts's nineteen year career began in 1948 and ended in 1966. This is his final base Topps card.

In mid-1966 he was released by Houston and then nine days later picked up by the Cubs. He did not do too well, the tank was empty. However, a long time before that, from 1950 to 1957, Roberts was The Man. He appeared in seven consecutive All-Star games from 1950 to 1956, and in those same years earned MVP votes, finishing second in 1952, behind Hank Sauer. 

The revisionist history analytics dorks would argue that since Roberts' WAR of 8.6 was the highest in the National League that year he should've won the award as Sauer had a measly 5.6.  

Roberts had three balks in his entire career. He also has three stolen bases. As a batter, he hit more triples (10) than he did home runs (5). For his career he had 255 hits, 70 of those hits went for extra bases.

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Four John Kruk Cards

In my order to Burbank Sports Cards the other week, which got me to my 1K milestone with Darryl Strawberry which I blogged about the other day, I threw in three needed John Kruk cards. One of them was a complete, totally uncharacteristic splurge for me. I'll see if you can sort out which card was it.

First up is the delicious 1992 set. This is the Topps Gold card. I had the base, the micro, the Gold Winners, but realized I didn't have the "base" Gold card. I do now.  

Last Christmas I got a Phillies Kruk jersey (replica, not authentic) in their road grey. Not the classic design as Kruk's wearing above but in the new style, as he's wearing below.

Next up is the 1993 Stadium Club "Murphy" card. It's in honor of the 1992 All-Star Game. This card is called "Murphy" because the game that year was in San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium. You can watch the game on YouTube. But naturally do so in about 90 seconds after you finish this blog post. 

This is the 2005 Upper Deck Classics Postseason Performers card with an on-card autograph. I have the base card, which I got in November last year and which I have yet to show off. So I've included that below so that you can see the differences. I don't know how many signed cards there are? But I know the other one is SN 677/999.

So, the signed card set me back a good few dollars but I've been trying to save and this card just wanted to be mine. 

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

1,000 Unique Darryl Strawberry Baseball Cards

Last week I hit a major milestone in my PC of Darryl Strawberry baseball cards. I hit 1,000 unique cards. Since then I've gotten one more, and now rest at 1,001. A nice palindrome number.  I had a little healthy, friendly competitive motivation for this after awesome guys like Tom and AJ hit 1,000 Ryne Sandberg and Tino Martinez cards last year (within days of each other). Frankly, I wanted to me in the 1K Club too! 

I hit 900 last year at some point, but I do not remember when as I got more than a hundred new Strawberry cards between January and December. But that's like so in the past. I put in an order for 12 cards from Burbank Sports Cards (pricey, over all, but really freakin' good stock from which to choose). Then I went to my spreadsheet to discover that I was exactly12 cards shy & got very, very excited. The order included 3 Kruk cards which I'll show on Friday. 

So, here are the 12 cards. (Show in date order; the 1,000th card is noted.)

A nice Broder-style card to lead things off. 1988 Baseball's Best Series II. 

This is the 1992 Upper Deck Gold Hologram card. Strawberry's looking statuesque, and almost like a wax figure you'd find in Madame Tussauds. The card back is spiffy as I really like shots like this were players are signing autographs.

And 1993 Pacific Spanish. "Jardinero". Like the above card, this one features home uniform on the recto; road uniform on the verso. A nice juxtaposition.

2004 Donruss Classics. This is a SN card 617 of 1999. It's nice as it reminds me of Boston, whose area code is 617.

2004 Donruss World Series Blue

2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams: 1986 (this was the 1,000 card!)

2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams: 1988

2005 Donruss Champions

2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber

2005 Donruss Throwback Century Stars. I think I actively dislike this card. It's weird, isn't it? 

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Longball Lore

2020 Topps Triple Threads: This card is very thick.

And for good measure, the 1,001st card was: 1990 Blue Sox Sports Superstars & Rookies Superset.

Super! Those Timeless Teams cards were, for me, new. Never saw them before and oh do I find them really attractive. 

A lot of you out there sent me cards out of kindness or in trade. Thank you for helping me get here.

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