Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A-Z: Everyone else is doing it, so why can't I?

Taking my title from the wonderful debut album by The Cranberries, I decided to see if I knew any other baseball players who aren't named Darryl Strawberry or John Kruk. Turns out that I recall at least 24 others. This is is response to The Diamond King's A-Z challenge.  

Most of these will be players I liked growing up. If I go super-vintage era then it's because no one else with that surname, that I can think of, was a better selection. I think favorite player should mostly be a player you've seen play. But some guys, like Roberto Clemente, eclipse that thinking. 

So, without further adieu...

A: Jim Abbott

B: George Brett

C: Roberto Clemente

D: Andre Dawson

E: Mike Easler

F: Terry Francona

G: Dwight Gooden

H: Ryan Howard

I: Pete Incaviglia

J: Wally Joyner

K: John Kruk

L: Barry Larkin

M: Andrew McCutchen

N: Trot Nixon? Maybe?

O: Pete O'Brien

P: Tony Pena

Q: Dan Quisenberry

R: Nolan Ryan

S: Darryl Strawberry

runner up: Ryne Sandberg

T: Trea Turner

U: Bob Uecker

V: Joey Votto

W: Tim Wallach

X: Eillen Xxof

Y: Robin Yount

Z: Gus Zernial (because of his 1952 Topps baseball card)


  1. Awesome!! Love the Easler, Pena and Gooden picks especially.

  2. Replies
    1. Some of those letters were tough. I don't own any Uecker cards so just picked '66 as I love the set design.

  3. We only matched on Quisenberry. Close on Sandberg though.

  4. Love the Pena pick! Totally forgot about him. He still wouldn't top Puckett for me... but he's not far behind.

    1. I was really into the Pirates until Darryl Strawberry came on to the scene. That Pena card, back in 83, when with me everywhere.

  5. Really like some of your picks like Mike Easler, Abbott and Euker. Good job. These aren't that easy.