Friday, June 11, 2021

Four John Kruk Cards

In my order to Burbank Sports Cards the other week, which got me to my 1K milestone with Darryl Strawberry which I blogged about the other day, I threw in three needed John Kruk cards. One of them was a complete, totally uncharacteristic splurge for me. I'll see if you can sort out which card was it.

First up is the delicious 1992 set. This is the Topps Gold card. I had the base, the micro, the Gold Winners, but realized I didn't have the "base" Gold card. I do now.  

Last Christmas I got a Phillies Kruk jersey (replica, not authentic) in their road grey. Not the classic design as Kruk's wearing above but in the new style, as he's wearing below.

Next up is the 1993 Stadium Club "Murphy" card. It's in honor of the 1992 All-Star Game. This card is called "Murphy" because the game that year was in San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium. You can watch the game on YouTube. But naturally do so in about 90 seconds after you finish this blog post. 

This is the 2005 Upper Deck Classics Postseason Performers card with an on-card autograph. I have the base card, which I got in November last year and which I have yet to show off. So I've included that below so that you can see the differences. I don't know how many signed cards there are? But I know the other one is SN 677/999.

So, the signed card set me back a good few dollars but I've been trying to save and this card just wanted to be mine. 

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  1. Congratulations on completing the 1992 Topps quartet.

  2. I don't think I've ever laid eyes on a Kruk autograph card before. He has a very nice signature... legible in fact!

    1. Thanks, guys! I've gotten a couple of autos of his before from fellow collectors. It is a gorgeous signature.

  3. That 1992 Topps Kruk always looked to me like he was ready to unsheathe his bat as if he were pretending to be a medieval knight getting ready for battle!