Monday, June 21, 2021

HOF Eddie Mathews

Eddie, or Ed, or Edward Mathews is a hard name to spell because, by default, I want to use a double-t.

This is the 1968 Topps card for him, is last solo card in a base set. He was elected into the Hall of Fame by the BBWAA in 1978, his fifth year on the ballot. The positioning of Mathews' face and ballcap almost give this card a non-licensed feel to it since the logo is fractionally, if at all, visible.

Mathews was a 12-time All-Star and a two-time World Series Champion (1957 and 1968). He played seventeen years of professional ball with Milwaukee/Atlanta, Houston and Detroit. He broke into the league in 1952, finishing third in the Rookie of the Year vote. From 1953 to 1962 he was practically a perennial all-star. In ten of his seasons he was given MVP votes, finishing runner-up twice in 1953 and 1959. 

Mathews had 43 more strikeouts than walks.  

If you are into binary, you'll like his career, regular season plate appearances: 10101. Which is 21. He finished 21st in the MVP voting in his rookie year. It was fated. 

He's often Ed on his cards. But, I think of him as Eddie. What about you?

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  1. Eddie Mathews is the answer to one of my favorite trivia questions. He appeared on the first ever cover of Sports Illustrated.

  2. I always think of him as Eddie... and usually erroneously add the extra "t".