Monday, June 7, 2021

HOF Sandy Koufax

This is the final base Topps card of Sandy Koufax. The 1966 design is simple and elegant and beautiful. Koufax had a brilliant career before it ended too soon; and I think of all historic baseball players, he's maybe the one whose injury-cut-short 12-year career is the most lamented. Koufax appeared in the 1967 set, but on Leaders cards, not on a base card of his own, which is a massive disappointment considering  he pitched the entire 1966 season. He started 41 games, went 27-9 (W-L), and basically was again a dominant pitcher. Shame on Topps.

Koufax was voted in on his first ballot with 86.9% of the vote. From 1961 to 1966 the man just dominated. He was an All-Star each of those years, and earned MVP & Cy Young votes those years, too. He won both awards in 1963, and then won consecutive Cy Youngs in 1965 and 1966 (finishing second in the MVP in those years, too).  Koufax won three pitching triple crowns, five ERA titles, three World Series (and was a two time World Series MVP). 

They do not make pitchers like Koufax any more.

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  1. The 1966 design is my favorite of the 60s. Great card!

    1. I can't decide between 1966 and 1961 as being my favorite. They're both so... simple? But in the simplicity its just classic.

  2. The first playing-era Koufax I ever owned. And, yes, he should've had a '67 card.