Friday, June 18, 2021

John Kruk: 1994 Oscar Mayer Superstar Round-Up

Good day to you. Today's John Kruk card is the 1994 Oscar Mayer Superstar Round-Up disc. It's card 25 of 30. A very nice three-dimensional looking action at-bat photograph on the front which is complemented on the back with more casual shot of the lefty with the ball in his hand. Have you ever been photograph with balls in your hands?

I was too chicken to "pull" the tab. Do you ever pull your discs? That came out wrong. I'm having a bad blog day. 


 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oscar Mayer and John Kruk? Wow, I don't know if you'll find two things which go any better together than that!

  2. Kruk definitely likes bologna sandwiches.

  3. Sadly... I'm sure there are a few pictures of me floating around out there with balls in my hand, but I balance that out by refusing to pull on my discs.

    P.S. I really like this card. Black Border + Nice Action Shot = Really Cool Card

    I'm just curious to see what these cards look like when the tab is pulled.