Friday, July 16, 2021

John Kruk: 1994 Red Foley

This is the 1994 Red Foley Team Leaders card depicting John Kruk and a no-hitting pitcher called Tommy Greene. 

I was initially surprised when I got this to see that the Red Foley back wasn't blank! John Kruk's text does not disappoint. 

How did you feel about the heinous All-Star uniforms? I guess I've stated now how I feel. If you're a team follower, rather than like me, a follower of the sport, do you see your team as buyers or sellers? 

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  1. Nice to see text on the back of that sticker. For some reason, I thought Red Foley stickers were part of a book... so always assumed they were blank backed.

    Not a fan of the jerseys... and I'm assuming both the A's and Padres are buyers as they both fight for Wild Card spots.

  2. That Kruk quote is great.

    All star uniforms were hideous and the Cubs are selling.