Monday, September 20, 2021

Babe Ruth: Topps 70

 What is this trash?

Scanning the card through its thick plastic casing did not turn out well. This is my Epson scanner's way of passing correct judgement on the card in and of itself, as well as of the "Project" itself.

I got this card this summer from my brother as a joke because my Twitter reaction to it was so violently vile and repugnant. In person it's worse than you can possibly fathom, and it's a stain on my baseball card collection, my house, and my life. 

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  1. Never understood this one. At all. Too weird. But it deserves a special place in your collection forever.

  2. This card is so bad... I want one too.

  3. I don't care who gave it to me, if I were to receive such a card, it would end up in the garbage just as soon as I saw it.

  4. These are the best comments on the blog ever.