Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Darryl Strawberry: 2021 Topps X Sports Illustrated

This is one of my two 2021 cards, so far, for Darryl Strawberry. The other was the Topps Living card. This particular one is something called Topps X Sports Illustrated and reproduces an iconic Sports Illustrated cover featuring a depicted player.  Again, it's no wonder Topps has lost its exclusivity license with Major League Baseball because it's products are just plain bad and uninspired.

This one has a print run of 1,474 and I got it off eBay so didn't come close to paying the retail cost. At the time I received it, it was the 1,002nd unique card in my collection. 

This is the last new Strawberry card that I have to show off! So this feature of my blog may go quiet for a while.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Haven't been checking Topps website very often in 2021. Based on what I see here, I'm not missing much. Glad you were able to add it to your collection for way less than retail.

    1. I'd certainly agree you're not missing much at all.

  2. Excited for you to show off that rad Project 70 card soon.

  3. Fleer did this better in the '90s. And by better I mean the exact same thing, a card set of SI covers.