Wednesday, September 8, 2021

"HOF" Ted Simmons

Today Ted Simmons was inducted into the Hall of Fame. To celebrate, I thought I'd show off his last Topps card: 1988 Topps.  He looks terrible in this post-swing photograph. His stats are so tiny. 

Somehow time, and the farkakte Veterans Committee, made Ted Simmons a Hall of Famer. 

Simmons played 21 seasons for three teams: St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Atlanta at the end, where players went to have their careers die at the time---I mean, to be a mentor to younger players. He won a silver slugger award. A. Singular. He was an eight-time All-Star, who played largely against guys like Jonathan Bench; and he earned MVP votes in 7 sevens (1/3 of his career). His highest finishes where 6th in 1975 and 9th in 1977. On the basic stats, he led the league in just three categories: Grounded into Double Plays and Intentional Walks (twice, and probably to get to the pitcher to set up a double play). Way to go!

Not feeling this. Congrats?

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  1. 50 WAR for a catcher is a clear Hall of Famer. The only catcher who ranks higher in the JAWS system who isn't in the Hall is Joe Mauer, and he's not eligible yet. I think the committee got it right on this one.

  2. The only catchers considered better than him while he was playing were Bench and Fisk (and Munson for part of the time). I think he was overdue for being selected.

  3. I've only learned of him in the last couple of years, and therefor defer any judgment to those who actually saw him play.