Friday, September 10, 2021

John Kruk: 20-- Topps Allen & Ginter's

Thank goodness the front of the card tells you this is 2013.  And which is it? Allen & Ginter's Topps or Topps' Allen & Ginter? Does it even matter? It's essentially the Pandemical "blursday" of baseball cards.

Depicted here is Kruk in his 1989-1990 jersey number 11. He's better known for wearing 29. Way to go Topps! Or Allen & Ginter's! 

Remember those scenes in How I Met Your Mother...when the guys were drunk at the bar and were all like "Hey! We should start a band?"  I think that's what Fanatics is doing with its hostile card takeover. They were watching the trading card boom during the pandemic and were pissed off, like a lot of us, that they couldn't get cards in Target any longer and were like, "Dudes, we should start a card company!" And someone else was like "Yea, we should!" And someone else was like "Hey man I sleeping with someone in Manfred's inner circle I can totally hook you up. Want some Roman?" And meanwhile, Eisner's in the port-a-potty with his pants down when it gets lifted up for collection...

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  1. Great post. The whole How I Met Your Mother scene made me smile.

  2. He's signing in Ephrata PA in October