Friday, September 17, 2021

John Kruk: 2017 Topps Archives Blue Border

In 2017, John Kruk got a Topps Archive card. And what's better than that, you ask? Why, one with a blue border, of course! Once again Topps went with some incongruity. Showing the 1991 design, they feature Kruk in his 1989-1990 uniform. Even the base card for 1991 showed Kruk in his next uniform, number 19. Way go Topps, you fucktards. 

This is the last new John Kruk card I have to show off, so this particular focus of the blog may be silent for a while. 

One of the lamest things I hear in baseball is the "luck" factor as an excuse or reason for this, that, or the other. How do you feel about a player's luck or un-luck? Or a team's? I'm just not a fan of it. In part because I think most of baseball is skill-related. And skill incorporates talent, ability, proficiency, and even inefficiency (i.e. suckitude). This feeds into my dislike of weighted stats, expected stats, predicted stats, and B.S. stats like "Field Independent Pitching" and "Park Factor". I guess in general most, if not all, advanced stats can eff off! Have a nice day.

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  1. So if 2017 Was "65 Years of Topps", then why didn't Topps add in a "69 Years of Topps" on this year's Pro Debut draft pick cards?

  2. Those kind of stats are for statisticians and mathematicians (is that the same thing?). I ignore them because that's what I did when I wasn't taking a math class back in the day.

    I don't believe in luck in baseball games unless the stupid Yankees or Giants are involved. And Cardinal devil magic is real.

  3. It was a long night and I'm a little too tired to think about advanced stats... but I like how passionate you are about Topps this morning ;D