Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Willie Mays: Topps Living 2020

This summer my father got the Topps Living card for Willie Mays. He got two of them and gave me the extra one. Note: he's knows full-well how I feel about Topps Living in general: it's a horse's ass of a set.  But 1953 is his favorite all-time set and Willies Mays is someone he grew up watching and listening to in the 50s before they dissed NY and moved west. So the card was gratefully received.  

I was too lazy to take it out of the top loader, but it scanned rather nicely nonetheless. I'm not completely taken with the rendition of Mays in this instance, but it isn't terribly awful, like 98.5% (or more) of these cards in this horrific concept set.  It's the second card from it that I have, the first being the Darryl Strawberry card, which was printed this year. I showed it off a while ago

When Fanatics takes over, does Topps Living change its name to Topps Dead?

I don't care for Tatis Jr. I'm not really a Machado fan, but I have to say I'm Team Machado concerning their public dugout thing last weekend. Sorry Padres fans. 

Do you ever get anything out of a player or manager interviews? They have to be one of the biggest wastes of time in modern society. It's all blank, vanilla, boilerplate, cliche crap. It ought to be a drinking game or bingo (or both). I really find listening to them all to be just insufferable. Which is why I generally just try to tune it out when it's on the TV, radio, podcast, etc. 

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  1. Agree. Interviews are usually a waste of time. Especially managers & football coaches.

  2. Occasionally you get a good quote out of an interview (something unique or laugh worthy), but you're right otherwise... big waste of time.

  3. I’m staying away from Topps Living as well, but I would also be happy to have that Mays in the collection sone day…..thanks for sharing.

  4. As a Padres fan... it sucks to see them crash and burn... but at least they're passionate. It was nice to see Machado slide into the big brother role and attempt to be a clubhouse leader. I'll take that over the jackass from a few years ago any day of the week.

  5. I'm not a fan of these cards either, but it was nice of your dad to think of you.